Couples Therapy

— As a couple, are you having trouble communicating and listening to one another?

— Are either or both of you becoming increasingly burned out and feeling detached from one another?

— Has there been an infidelity in your relationship?

— Are you having trouble transitioning into new phases of your relationship with a marriage, blending a family and/or parenting?

— Are either of you becoming more isolated when you really desire more intimacy in your relationship?

— Is there a high level of tension in your relationship?

If any of these questions describe your relationship, couples therapy can help.

Couples therapy will identify patterns so you can step outside of your negative cycle and experience positive change. Actively participating in a relationship involves consistently striving to be your best personally while balancing the needs of yourself and your partner. It is a delicate dance that often can become stuck and mired down in the daily challenges of life. Couples counseling can be an extremely rewarding and an effective way to regain balance and improve many facets of your relationships and life.

Benefits of couples counseling are:

  • Learning how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner
  • Learning how to state your needs clearly and openly without resentment or anger
  • Reducing fighting and reactivity
  • Increasing affection, intimacy and tenderness
  • Developing a deeper understanding of your spouse/partner and what his/her needs are
  • Learning to process and work through unresolved issues

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