Chances are that you have found yourself here due to a struggle in some aspect of your life and you may be searching for support, seeking new perspectives and change. Congratulations on this first step. Whether you are here due to a recent trauma, a lifetime of reactive decision making or wanting to propel your life to the next level of personal and professional success; it takes a lot of courage to take the first step. Counseling can be pursued not only to solve problems, but also to find more meaning in life and to increase overall wellness.

Building a meaningful therapeutic relationship is at the heart of my approach. A healthy therapy relationship opens our eyes to experience life in new and profound ways. Many times our life transitions will throw us off balance. It can be the ending of a relationship, daily anxiety, depression, a birth and the changes it brings, career struggles, parenting, recovering from a loss in our lives or struggling with a decision.  Psychotherapy can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can clearly identify your needs, experience relief from unwanted symptoms, and ultimately feel more balanced and whole.